Digital Health Innovation: Beyond the Trends.

It’s an exciting time for healthcare in the U.S. New legislation and changing pay models create opportunities for innovation. Small businesses and start-ups are filling those needs. In Chicago, the opening of MATTER, a community of digital health start-ups, last month signals this changing landscape. Thanks to increases in partnerships with business, the media, and investors, health technology start-ups are actually creating change.

For the first time, healthcare is cool. Twitter feeds announce the latest healthcare grant awards and hospital partnerships like political news. With trendy devices making healthy living a status symbol, the time for digital health is now. But true change isn’t the outcome of trends. Change is the outcome of inventive companies, like Helix Health included in Ari Garber’s  “8 Innovations That Caught My Eye” article in the Huffington Post this Friday.  To effect change and improve people’s lives, start-ups and small businesses need to continue to innovate beyond the buzz of trends.

According to a Healthcare Provider Innovation Survey conducted by HIMSS and Avia, some of the largest barriers to healthcare innovation are both human and financial capital. This infographic details some of the study’s findings.

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